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The mission of the Pontchartrain Beach Foundation is to reopen Pontchartrain Beach to the public as a beautifully designed recreational area that will accommodate a wide range of activities.


The Pontchartrain Beach Foundation Restoration Plan Moves Forward.

Pontchartrain Beach Master Plan

Beach goers will enjoy swimming in Lake Pontchartrain, walks along the beach, fishing off a pier, kayaking, visits by boat, spaces for picnicking, volleyball, a dog park, surfing, family reunions, and weddings. Local cuisine will be available from a variety of vendors. A created wetland will filter rain runoff and provide educational opportunities.  

A Bird’s Eye View


New Orleans needs a safe functioning beach and we welcome Pontchartrain Beach’s redevelopment. Cleaning up and creating a world-class beach would be a huge boon for the city and a major benefit for the University of New Orleans, our tenants, and the people of New Orleans. We know Zach Kupperman and Guy Williams, key members of the Pontchartrain Beach Foundation team, and are familiar with their plan. Their leadership is well established in the New Orleans community, and I fully support their efforts to redevelop Pontchartrain Beach. We are pleased to have them develop this signature property at such a key section of the city. We believe this Project can serve as a catalyst and anchor future economic development at our facilities and greatly benefit the students and faculty at the University of New Orleans.

Rebecca Conwell, President and CEO, UNO Research and Technology Foundation

Talk about making memories – Pontchartrain Beach was THE place for not only folks from metro New Orleans but from all over the south.  It’s where generations learned to swim as kids, rendezvous as teenagers, and bring their families for fun.  More than any other spot, the Beach was always the gateway to Lake Pontchartrain for almost all of us.  Bless all these folks who are bringing the Beach back.

Carlton Dufrechou, General Manager, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge

Being “at the Beach” brings to mind many things. Relaxing with a book, taking part in water sports, having a picnic, fishing, or just feeling refreshed by a waterfront view with sand under your feet. How wonderful would it be to have a beach just minutes away! New Orleanians deserve a beach; thanks to the Mighty Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain we are a city practically surrounded by water. Let’s find a way to further enjoy our great lake that has so much to offer us.

Peggy Scott Laborde, Senior Producer, WYES-TV

Words can’t begin to express my excitement about the reopening of Pontchartrain Beach in a healthy lake environment and I invite everyone to pitch in any way possible to help make it a significant part of New Orleans culture and heritage as it once was.    

Don Dubuc, WWL Radio Fish and Game Report

I grew up going to the Lake on weekends picnicking and swimming at the Old Beach.  It was an affordable way for my family to spend time together.  When it was closed for swimming, a generation lost the ability to enjoy our lake.  My kids never got the opportunity to experience the lake the way I did.  I was fortunate to work at the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation and to be part of a group that helped to restore the water quality of the lake.  Having Pontchartrain Beach open for swimming is long overdue.  We saved our lake, now it’s time to enjoy it!

Sheila Englert, Marketing Director, Gulf Coast Bank and Trust

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